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Olga Borges

About the Designer

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"I am a jewelry designer, silversmith and enamelist. Also have a Computer Science degree and a Marketing degree. 


My passion for design started as a child. I've always been particularly curious about trying out new things, putting together all my crazy ideas and exploring new materials to create and make unique pieces. 


My inspiration comes from everywhere, life itself, music, architecture, nature. My work is an extension of who I am, a passionate dreamer who make dreams reality".


     Olga Borges

     OBdeC Studio

     Founder & Creative Director



"Olga Borges is a woman who quit her ten years successful career in the health industry in Venezuela in order to follow her passion and artistic call. Her path to success has been her determination, enormous capacity for work, great creativity and business sense. 


Olga Borges has established a well known jewelry brand in Venezuela and New York. Her innovative and original designs have won quite a few invites to show her amazing work at international events such as New York Fashion Week and Aruba Fashion Week".


     Roberto Rodríguez Mijares. 

     Editor, Journalist.

     Caracas, Venezuela. 

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